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Hurricane Thunderstorm Mudslide Blizzard


Severe weather is coming this way! What is everyone suppose to do? As a news team, your group must inform everyone of the upcoming storm. Their safety is up to you!

Directions: Copy the above URL into your favorite podcast aggregator (a podcatcher program) like Juice. Enhanced and Video versions of podcasts are best played on iTunes® or QuickTime® or an iPod®. The easiest way to play the enhanced or video version of our BurpQuest is to open Quicktime Player (version 7 or later) and go to File > Open URL... and type in the above URLs.

Troubleshooting: If Quicktime closes without playing these files, download the files to your computer first by right clicking on the link (Control + Click on a Mac) and choose "Save Link As" or "Download Linked File" or something similar. After the file downloads, open QuickTime and go to File > Open File... and navigate to the file to open it.