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As a news team, your group will investigate information to report about the your assigned severe weather storm.


1. Gather information about your storm from the sites provided.

A. In the resources link on your storm's page you will find sites were you can find information. In these links, your group must find information about the storm you are reporting about, some safety tips, and a true life story. Also,  you will find information on the state in which your storm is happening.


2. If you are the news reporter you must find a story from someone who survived your storm. If you are the meterologist you must find information on the storm, how it forms, and what to look out for. If you are the safety expert you must inform all the viewers about the type of safety precautions.

A. News Reporters: While researching information, your group must have found a true life story. It is your job to report this story to the class. You can either report it as if you were just retelling the story or you can create an  interview with one of your group members (for example, the meteorologist can also be the victim you are interviewing.) You must write either a summary of the events or the dialogue between you and the survivor/victim.

 B. Meteorologists: You will take the information about the storm and present it to the class as if you are interrupting a television show for breaking news. Also in your report, you will give clues about the state for your classmates (viewers). You need to find the information about the state in the school's library. You must write your information in a summary and question/answer session with the news reporter.

C. Safety Expert: You will provide safety information to your classmates (viewers) to insure their well being in the storm. Provide at least 3 safety tips and briefly explain why for the viewers. You must write a dialogue between you and the news report and/or meteorologist.


3. As a group you will come together and present a news cast to the class on your storm.

A. As a group, you will now combine all of your individual dialogue and summaries to make one news report. Find which order you want the dialogues to appear, add needed transitions between, and make sure that the combined dialogue makes sense.

B. Brainstorm and gather needed props for your presentation. Make a list and get permission from the teacher.

C. Practice, Practice, Practice!

D. Your teacher will video tape your newscast. Then your group will use a video editing software (iMovie) to edit your newscast. (If technology is not available, orally present to the class).


4. The viewers are going to guess which state you are presenting so make sure your information is accurate and kept secret!

How Am I Graded?

see Rubric